Chemical and Bio ICT device

Detailed research topics

  1. Environmental analysis ICT
  2. Food analysis ICT
  3. Home healthcare ICT
  4. Ultrahigh performance ICT (single cell/exosome/bacteria)
  5. Macroworld-to-microworld conversion liquid interface
  6. Liquid science devices to see the physical/chemical/biological nanofluids by fabricating mimicking devices
  7. Regulation of ICT by combining information technologies (software and hardware)
  8. Low-cost production of ICT
  9. Bid data analysis

Knowledge and technology

  1. Optics and ultrasensitive laser spectroscopy
  2. Wet analysis at pL, fL, and aL level
  3. Micro/nano glass or polymer fabrication (2D and 3D printing) and substrate bonding
  4. Surface modification (e.g. PEG, Lipids)
  5. Signal processing and controlling electronics
  6. Air and water sampler
  7. IoT and data analysis
  8. Device and system design
  9. Macroworld to nanoworld interfaces
  10. Low-cost production and social implementation in collaboration with venture companies

Past research topics

  • Medical diagnosis device and system
  • Micro/nanofluidic device and fusion with electronics and information engineering
  • Novel fluidic operations: nano valve, single living cell sampling, concentration, etc.
  • Ultrasensitive laser detection, electrochemical detection, and X-ray diffractometry in small space
  • Basic science in nanospace: solution chemistry, single-molecule reaction, and fluidics in nanospace
  • Nano X-ray analysis of water: density of water, hydrogen bonding, etc.
  • Celluar space mimetic devices and the solution chemistry (liquid structure, enzyme reaction, phase separation, etc), fluidics, and life sciences
  • Micro/nanofluidic engineering, spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, optics
  • Single protein analytical device